Romance at the Flea Antique…

I am a feature writer for a local magazine called Our Town.Here is an article I wrote for the December 2016 edition of the magazine. It’s a kind of a cute, local story from right here in Lilburn, GA. (I have been a dealer at this antique store for years, so I got a real kick out of this!)

Lilburn’s Flea Antique Depot hosts its first wedding proposal

By Heidi Campbell

Marriage proposals happen every day, many in creative, romantic “first date” spots. On Wednesday, September 21, one couple, Jeremy Thomas and Sarah Carter McClanahan, got engaged amongst the vintage treasures of Lilburn’s Flea Antique Depot.  The owner of the shop, Judy Becker, was thrilled when Jeremy, originally from Waycross, GA, called her to arrange the proposal plan. “We were so proud when Jeremy said that he wanted to propose in our shop,” explained Judy. “He told us that it was one of Sarah Carter’s favorite shops!”

Jeremy met Sarah Carter, who grew up in Tucker, almost a year ago. She was working as a barista at Chattahoochee Coffee Company. Jeremy admitted, “I kept going in there because I had a crush on her, and things took off from there!”

As the relationship grew, they found that they had a mutual love of old things, and antiquing became one of their favorite things to do together. Once Jeremy was ready to propose, he called Judy at the Flea Antique Depot. They agreed to keep the store open late, and the proposal was set for 7:00pm. Jeremy arranged for his friends, one being a photographer, to arrive at 5:00pm to set up a series of exhibits throughout the antique booths. Each of these displays were carefully planned to represent moments, events, and memories of their relationship history. “They made Chattahoochee Coffee Company coffee at the front of the shop, so it smelled good and reminded her of where they met,” explained Judy. “There were candles lit along the aisles. He had so many great displays, but I especially loved the laptop that played the drive-in movie they saw together. He set out the candy he bought her that night, and had little Hot Wheels facing the movie screen.”

When the couple arrived, Sarah Carter jokingly asked Jeremy if they were breaking in, because she knew the hours of the Flea Antique Depot, and that they should have been closed.  When they pushed open the door, they were greeted by Jeremy’s best friend, who was dressed up and ready to take Sarah Carter on a tour of all the exhibits. “When we walked in and I saw his best friend waiting for us in a suit, my heart started pounding!” shared Sarah Carter. “The whole night was unbelievably sweet. I was able to laugh and cry as I revisited the story of us woven throughout my favorite antique shop. I reached him at the end and he got down on one knee.”

The final exhibit was a time lapsed video of the four hour planning session Jeremy had with his friend. Around that corner, Jeremy awaited. Several of the store employees watched behind shelves, trying to give them privacy, yet eager to see this romantic moment.

“When she turned the corner, I was there,” beamed Jeremy, “and I said ‘You are my favorite character, in my favorite story, written by my favorite author. And this next chapter is called planning a wedding.’ I then dropped on one knee and asked her to marry me.”

According to those who were there, Sarah Carter accepted the proposal with tears of joy.  She was thrilled and touched with the entire event, and said, “I walked through the set up with him a second time because I had been so in shock and overwhelmed, I barely remembered the first half! He is my best friend and other half. I absolutely cannot wait to be his wife.”

December 2016 issue of Our Town Magazine

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